Sunday, November 1, 2015

Epic Disney Adventure--Day 2: The Arrival

There is really nothing quite like driving onto Disney property.  I wish I had video of the kid's excitement as they saw the giant Mickey Mouse sign.  It was just too much.  Disney really is magic and you can feel it.  We stayed on property at Port Orleans French Quarters.  Disney knows how to do things right.  I checked in online.  Got a text that our rooms were ready.  And we were able to use our Magic Bands that they mailed to us to go straight to our rooms.  No stopping at the front desk.  Seamless and easy.
We unloaded the van and got down to the serious business of having fun.  The real reason for wanting a short drive on Sunday was so that Brisbane could get in some good clean swimming time.  We had rented a cabin for a weekend a few months previous and all Brisbane wanted to do was swim.  He's a swimming junky.  He told us for the weeks leading up to Disney World that he just wanted to swim.  I hadn't planned in much downtime at the resort each day so we figured that arriving early would hopefully get the swimming out of his system.  So after a quick lunch, we headed off to the pool.
It was glorious.  6 inches of water for the babies.  Tame water slide for the big three.  Life jackets provided at no charge.  Again.  Disney knows what they are doing.
My parents and Becky both arrived later that night and we all tried to tuck in early for the real excitement that was to begin the next day...

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